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Mobile biogas testbed

<p>Internationally unique as it is the only plant that collects industry-relevant biogas technology in a fully integrated mobile format. We take the test bed to the customer.</p>

Mobile test bed for biogas production on freight shafts that can easily be moved to customers. The main purpose of the plant is that it offers larger production facilities the ability to test run planned pilot scale changes before implementation. The pilot trials run on-site at the customer means that we have realistic substrate variations and other local conditions that can affect the results.
     An additional advantage is that local operating personnel are given the chance to test new operating routines before they are introduced into the production facility. The pilot plant can also be used as a test bed to test new technology concepts in connection with digestion and as a demonstration plant to increase understanding and acceptance for biogas plants.
     The test beds are fully automated and practically all functions can be remotely controlled via a network connection from our Uppsala office. The plant is very flexible and can be adapted to the customer's requirements, for example, temperature of rotation, substrate type and flow.


Testbed name

Mobile biogas testbed



Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Energy and Clean Tech




Region Uppsala


Ultunaallén 4, Uppsala

Gustav Rogstrand

Gustav Rogstrand


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