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Testbed in Kristineberg - materials in marine environment

Testbed for materials in marine environment offers development, testing and verification of antifouling systems and corrosion protection.

Testbed for materials in marine environment is located at the Kristineberg Marine Research and Innovation Center in Fiskebäckskil (Skaftö), Sweden. The facility gathers expertise, laboratory resources and field infrastructure. Among other things, we can help you with the development of materials and surface protection, reliability and verification tests of materials and coatings against marine fouling and with regard to marine corrosion.

The testbed offers services throughout the innovation chain, from idea to product in the market. We help our customers and partners with basic and applied research, proof of concept, customer projects and confidential R&D development projects. We also offer standardized tests according to ISO / CEPE for validation and registration prior to market launch.

The test bed consists of:

  • Lab resources for material production and color formulation
  • Lab resources for chemical, physical and mechanical characterization of material and surface treatment, both according to customer needs and / or according to international standards
  • Reliability in HALT conditions (High Acelerated Life Test)  in corrosion chamber using natural seawater
  • Field testing for both marine corrosion and marine fouling (“Efficacy evaluation of antifouling products - CEPE - June 2012”). Corrosion tests in the field can be performed in various exposure zones, near sea, in air, in so-called splash zone and submerged in the sea
  • Access to a wide network and collaboration with other international testbeds from arctic to tropical environments
  • Solid expertise and possibility of assistance with coordination with national and international experts on regulations for market launch
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See the testbed

June 16, 2021 was the inauguration of the test bed for marine materials. Here you can see the inauguration, with a presentation of the different parts of the test bed.



    Testbed name

    Materials in marine environment



    Testbed category

    Laboratory testbeds (LT)


    Automotive and transport, Energy and Clean Tech, Materials


    Fire safety, Corrosion, Maritime, Material transition, Risk and safety


    Västra Götaland Region


    Kristineberg 566, Fiskebäckskil

    Emiliano Pinori

    Contact person

    Emiliano Pinori


    +46 10 516 56 13

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