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LignoCity- flexible production of tailor-made lignin

LignoCity is today the only plant in the world with flexible production of tailor-made lignin grades in large enough quantities for upscaling. Lignin has the potential to be used in a wide range of final applications, from biofuel and bioplastics to adhesives, paint and carbon fiber.

LignoCity is a test bed available to all companies looking to evaluate and verify new concepts for refining lignin. Startsida - Lignocity The heart of LignoCity is RISE LignoDemo - a demonstation plant for separation of lignin, in conjuction with Nordic Paper factory. The production capacity can reach up to 6-8 kilotons of lignin/year and the establishment consists partly but not limited to:   

  • Equipment for precipitating lignin from black liquor
  • Band-press filter and filterpress for cleaning and dewatering
  • Pump-loop with a powderdistributor and a tank with heating and stirring abilities

Here at LignoCity companies can develop, and scale up, technology for seperating and refining lignin with the use of newly developed and eco-friendly chemicals, fuels and materials. 

The test bed involves industrial and social participants, amongst them local participants such as Nordic Paper, RenFuel AB, Paper Province, Karlstad University and Kristinehamn County.


Test & Demo name





Isolated testbeds (IT)


Pulp, paper and packaging



Strategic innovation program



Region Värmland


Öståsgatan 1, Kristinehamn

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Homepage - Lignocity

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