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Infrastructure and Cloud datacenter test Environment

A research datacenter that can handle projects and testing in all parts of the stack from the ground to the cloud. It addresses utility infrastructures, datacenter buildings, cooling, IT server hardware and software, automation as well as cloud applications, IT architecture and AI-machine learning.

  • The datacenter is located in a storage facility at walking distance from Luleå University of Technology and consists of three different modules and an experiment area including a wind tunnel and a micro-grid. It can be used for testing and research. There is also a demo area for 50 persons with a control room simulator.
  • The first module is an environment for testing IT and cloud related applications and big data processing. Measurements are gathered from 30 000 measurement points and sensors per module resulting in 10 GB/day. It is collected and analyzed to model and optimize the architecture.
  • The second module is more flexible for physical experiments. It is optimized for testing of building design, cooling and power infrastructures. It has fast connectors for power, water and IT to enable fast and easy change of equipment. The third module is made specifically for Open Compute equipment and the open space is for experiments regarding utility systems.


Test & Demo name





Isolated testbeds (IT)


ICT and Telecom


Digital infrastructure, Digitalisation


Region Norrbotten


Björkskataleden 112, Luleå

Tor Björn Minde

Contact person

Tor Björn Minde


+46 70 624 29 59

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