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Hybrid joining testbed

The joining methods of the future gathered together in a single testbed for hybrid joining.

The HJT – Hybrid Joining Testbed – project now establishes a testbed that can handle the entire hybrid joining process in a robotised environment. Here, participating companies can now test and develop methods and techniques for the joining situations and material combinations of the future. At the same time, a strong research platform is established for how new simulation technology and co-programming can support and optimise the process early on in a digital twin and with equipment prepared for Industry 4.0.

HJT has defined 4 high-ranking objectives:

  • To provide industry with access to the joining technologies of the future for hybrid joining.
  • To describe and exemplify the necessary communication between the sub-processes in order to achieve real synergy
    and co-programming
  • To create the conditions for a digitalised and monitored hybrid joining process for gluing, assembling and mechanical joining.
  • To program a complex hybrid joining process into a digital twin.

These objectives also reflect the vision of the future to be able to simulate, program, organise and monitor a cohesive hybrid joining process based on a digital twin. One prerequisite for establishing these integrated methods of hybrid joining is knowledge of interacting parameters and how relationships can be simulated to enable the process programming to handle the entire process chain and the interaction between interacting systems.

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Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Automotive and transport, Manufacturing, Materials, Process industry


Digitalisation, Climate neutral industry, Material transition, Production and manufacturing

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Lars-Olof Ingemarsson


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