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Testbed within the high voltage area

Internationally unique. Strong personnel group comprising both world-renowned researchers and experienced technicians guarantees competence, flexibility and capacity.

The laboratory enables research and development within the high voltage area while also providing state-of-art calibrations of high-voltage and high-current measuring systems.


  • Dimension: 18x24x17 m
  • Completely shielded
  • Low background PD level (< 5 pC)
  • Controlled indoor temperature  
  • AC voltage
    • Generation up to 350 kV, 50Hz
    • Generation of arbitrary waveform up to 150 kV
    • Analysis of frequency response
    • Measurement of ac voltage from generator up to 350 kV, 0.1 Hz to 300 Hz
  • DC voltage
    • Generation up to 1200 kV
    • Voltage measurement up to 1200 kV (1000 kV with full accuracy)
  • Impulse voltage
    • Generation of lightning impulse (1.2/50 µs) up to 1.8 MV
    • Generation of switching impulse (250/2500 µs) up to 1.3 MV
    • Calibration of lightning impulse reference measuring systems up to 800 kV
    • Calibration of switching impulse reference measuring systems up to 900 kV
  • Partial dischage calibration
    • Calibration of partial discharge calibrators
  • AC current
    • Calibration of current measuring systems up to 4200 A, both 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
    • Current transformer ratio error and phase displacement up to 7500:5 A
    • Current transformer burdens
  • DC current
    • Current measuring systems up to 6000 A
  • Testing
    • We perform testing on the voltages/currents mentioned above.
    • Heat cycling of high voltage cables
    • Testing in climate chamber for smaller objects


Testbed name

High Voltage Laboraty



Testbed category

Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Automotive and transport, Energy and Clean Tech


Calibration, Generic metrology and measurement technology, Testing


Västra Götaland Region


Brinellgatan 4, Borås

Mathias Nordlund

Mathias Nordlund


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