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Evaluation of furniture and related products

RISE testbed for furniture testing can test furniture and adjacent products for more than 50 different standards, and is often used for labeling according to TMF's Möbelfakta.

At the testbed there are experimental resources and calculation tools such as FEM analyzes, for evaluation of different types of furniture and adjacent products. The testbed also offers fire testing, chemical analyzes, material testing, electrical testing and testing of acoustic properties.

The evaluation of the products takes place with regard to various properties such as:

  • security
  • function
  • stability
  • life span
  • strength
  • surface durability
  • LCA (life cycle analysis)
  • fire
  • resistance to moisture
  • acoustics

The test bed can evaluate a wide range of:

  • seating furniture
  • tables
  • beds
  • storage furniture
  • kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • outdoor furniture
  • office furniture
  • padded furniture
  • bunk beds
  • cribs
  • travel cots
  • child frames
  • changing tables
  • screens
  • aids for people with reduced mobility

The test bed is frequently used by industry / the market in the production of furniture for labeling according to Möbelfakta, often as a basis for various types of public procurement. Evaluation can take place both in the development stage and on end products.


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Laboratory testbeds (LT)




Product safety


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