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Testbed for volume and flow technology

Unique facility in Scandinavia, also in an international perspective.

The flow laboratory in Borås is used for both research & development, and calibration & testing. The laboratory has been developed to match the increased requirements from the industry


  • Water: 0,02 – 12000 l/min, approx 10 – 90 °C
  • Petroleum: 0,001 – 7000 l/min, 1,3 – 80 mm2/s
  • Calibration of volume standards: μl till m3
  • Portable equipment (mounted on a vehicle) to be used for calibration on site: flow rates up to 25000 l/min, viscosity up to 300 mm2/s including LPG
  • Testing of flow meters, fuel dispensers etc exposed to climate/environmental/EMC disturbances

The laboratory can be used for research and development of everything from microflow for medical applications to high water flows (process industry, district heating facilities etc) with the highest accuracy and direct traceability to fundamental units.


Test & Demo name

Flow laboratory




Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Process industry


Generic metrology and measurement technology


Västra Götaland Region


Brinellgatan 4, Borås

Kerstin Mattiasson

Contact person

Kerstin Mattiasson


+46 10 516 53 80

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