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Cyber Range - test bed for cybersecurity

Cyber Range is a test bed managed by RISE, where you can build a virtual environment that is completely controlled, and offer tools for creating stable and secure IT systems. Here, companies and organisations can test new parts of a system to see if they have built it correctly and identify any weaknesses.

The target group for Cyber range is both industry and the public sector. Many small and medium-sized companies often lack the resources and infrastructure to perform this type of test. The new site in Kista is a way to make test and demo environments for cyber security available to customers and partners. It will also be a natural place for skills development and training where it is easy to gain access to expertise.

The focus in the start-up phase is to offer interested customers and partners training and test runs in the test bed.

The RISE team for cyber security consists of a core group of about 20 people. In addition, there are a number of other experts in cybersecurity in various areas, for example transport, health and digital infrastructure etcetera. The combination of technical experts and experts in specific areas offers great opportunities.

Initially, Cyber range is run as a three-year project, funded by Vinnova, RISE and ICT Sweden.


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Cyber Range




Isolated testbeds (IT), Testbeds in real life (TR), Virtual testbeds (VT)


Education, ICT and Telecom, Retail, Security and defence


Artificial intelligence, Cyber security, Digitalisation, Internet of Things

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