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Testbed for combustion

The testbed for combustion is used for tests, evaluation and demonstration of combustion processes and mainly used to examine ash-related challenges, although is also used for research projects. The main industries using the testbed is mining and food industry (combustion of waste products), but also within the recycling- and forest industry.

Combustion is an efficient method for converting waste products to energy.  The combustion leads to full oxidisation, which means that most of the material is converted into energy, with ash as a rest product. The ash may pose a problem as it accumulates in the facility and can react with the surface of the oven, wearing it down as a result. 

RISE's two test facilities in Piteå can be used to study and improve combustion processes. A few examples are:

  • VAFF (Vertical Atmospheric Flexi Fuel Furnace) that has been used to study additive solutions. It may also be used for optical measurements of soot and the composition of gases. In addition, cameras can be installed to study the combustion flame. VAFF if fed with powder fuel and has a capacity of 20 kilogram per hour, corresponding to appriximately 100 kW. It is also possible to insert oxygen. 
  • HICK (Horizontal Industrial Combustion Kiln) See the separate description web page at RI.SE
  • DTF (Drop Tube Furnace) is a tube reactor where raw material is fed through the top of the pre-heated oven, falling towards the bottom. DTF works under atmospheric pressure and can be fed with powder, liquid and gas. 

Current ongoing research projects are mostly focused on combustion of different waste products or new types of bio fuels. The testbed enables research on an industrial scale. 


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Combustion testbed




Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Energy and Clean Tech


Energy, Corrosion


Region Norrbotten


Industrigatan 1, Piteå

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Henrik Wiinikka

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