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3D-Bioprinting and additive manufacturing

Through 3D-printing it is possible to build biological structures by combining a biological, or synthetic material, with living cells. 3D-printing can e.g. be used to evaluate biological responses to pharmaceuticals or chemicals and can also be used in the development of future human spare parts. Within the manufacturing process, RISE develops competence and studies the characteristics and functions of 3D-Bioprinting systems.

The 3D-printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing, are used to build structures or components layer by layer. When it comes to 3D-Bioprinting, living cells and support materials are combined to build structures similar to living tissues. An interesting aspect is that the printed structures can be used as systems for testing different biological effects, e.g. those of not fully developed pharmaceuticals, and chemicals in general. In the long term it is believed that 3D-Bioprinting may advance the development of transplants that can replace damaged or failing tissues and organs.

At RISE we perform research on new materials and implementations of 3D-Bioprinting within e.g. cancer research. The research projects are done in collaboration with medical industries and clinical research groups. Apart from 3D-Bioprinting, the establishment includes research and development of 3D-printing of a broad variety of materials, with a focus on health technical implementations, where surface modification, material characteristics, modeling, and geometry assurance hold great value.

We offer development of methods and printable materials and functionalize them to suit the specific application. We have a large infrastructure of different printing technologies within the institute. Lastly, we also offer characterization and evaluation in vitro and in vivo.


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