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Workshop The Experience

The workshop gives you concrete and inspiring tools to analyze the user's journey - before, during and after interaction with your product or service.


People are different; who we are, what we need and what we experience. When developing a service or product it´s valuable to see from several perspectives. Do users encounter obstacles at any stage? Can we supplement the offer to meet more needs or enhance the experience?

For who?

The workshop suits companies, municipalities and organizations who want practical knowledge about how products and services can be developed based on the needs and experiences of the users (for example, customers, visitors or residents).

By understanding the user's experience we increase the possibility to create an attractive and accessible product, service or location.


With support from our supervisors from RISE you will map your selected product/service step-by-step during the workshop. By looking at the offer from the users' perspective the strengths and opportunities for development often become more distinct.

The workshop takes about 3 hours and is held either at our premises in Piteå or at another given location. It is an advantage if the participants have different functions within the company/organization in order to share different perspectives and knowledge. The workshop is suitable for 3-20 people, but the more people participate, the more rewarding discussions and insights can be.

The workshop is based on short theoretical reviews and practical work with a case that the company itself has chosen to focus on.

With the support of RISE supervisors and methods, the following is developed:

  • A so called Persona that describes a representative of the users of the service/product
  • A Scenario that describes a sequence of an event
  • An Experience map of the user's interaction with the service/product
  • Identification of interactions that can be improved

Methods for further development and idea generation are also presented.

The workshop will give participants knowledge of the method, new insights about their own case and equipp them to be able to use the knowledge on their own, for example to look at the same service but from another user's perspective or to develop the weaknesses identified.


The participants gain a basic understanding of interaction design and user-driven design, including methods to:

  • understand the user
  • chart the user's experience and needs
  • work norm-critical
  • develop new ideas


For more information and booking contact us at RISE. Contact details can be found further down the page.



Workshop The Experience - Practical introduction to user centered methods for product and service development

Innovation area

Design, Service innovation


Price on tender

Delivery time

The date for the workshop is set in dialogue with the client.


Before the workshop, the participants choose a new or existing product/service that they want to develop. During the workshop, the methods are applied directly to the current case.

The choice of suitable case is made with support from RISE.

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