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Workshop Digitalisation DIY

Unsure on how to take the next step or which technology areas to invest in? In this workshop we offer both inspiration and concrete tools on how to develop services, products or a way of working with the support of digitalisation and new technologies.

The workshop suits those who have just begun their digitalisationjourney as well as those who want to have a deeper knowledge in the field.


The concept of digitalisation can sometimes feel fuzzy and difficult to grasp. People talk about how important it is, but not always about why or how you can use it. In the DigiDIY workshop we lower the thresholds for working with digitalisation. Here you get both inspiration and concrete methods for developing your business (for example a product, service or a way of working) with the help of digitalisation and new technologies.


The workshop begins with an inspiring lecture about some of the possibilities with new technology and suggestions on how to face the challenges.

In the next step, you work in smaller groups with guidance from us at RISE. Based on information about digital technologies and their "superpowers", you generate ideas together on how to develop your offers or way of working. You also get to try different tools on how to develop and evaluate your ideas.

The workshop is about 3 hours long and takes place either at our premises in Piteå, Västerås or at another given location. We suggest that the participants have different functions within the company/organisation in order to share different perspectives and knowledge.

Since the workshop aims to lower the thresholds for digitisation, no prior knowledge in the field is required.


  • Inspiration - opportunities and challenges with digitalisation and new technologies
  • Method for developing you're business (for example a product, service or way of working) using digitalisation and new technology as a tool
  • Methods for working inclusive with development within the company - many roles can participate


For more information and booking contact us at RISE. Contact details can be found further down the page.



Workshop Digitalisation DIY - tools and inspiration for Digitalisation

Innovation area

Digitalisation, Service innovation


Price on tender

Delivery time

The date for the workshop is set in dialogue with the client.


No preparation needed

Elin Hollström

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Elin Hollström

Project manager

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