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Wet candle method according to SS-EN ISO 9225:2012

This is a method for air analysis where a rain-protected wet textile surface, with a known area, is exposed during a specified time. The amount of chloride deposited is determined by chemical analysis. From the results of this analysis the chloride deposition rate is calculated, expressed in milligrams per square metre per day [mg/(m2.d)].


Determination of chloride deposition rate from the air.

Estimation of the corrosivity of the environment


The equipment corresponds to the requirements in the standard SS-EN ISO 9225:2012 and is exposed on site according to the same standard during a specified time. After exposure, the wet candle solution is taken for analysis to determine the content of chloride.


A written report with obtained results. If requested the report can be supplemented with all the associated analysis data which is then sent in a separate file.


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Determination of chloride deposition rate by the wet candle method according to SS-EN ISO 9225:2012

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Construction, Infrastructure, Corrosion

Field measures



SS-EN ISO 9225:2012


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We need a sample of at least 10 ml of liquid

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