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Void content measurements of composite material

Void content measurements is an effective method to examine and analyse the quality of a composite material. The method is simple and fast to conduct on cut-off samples.



The method gives the opportunity to examine the inner structure of the composite material, i.e. during evaluation of material quality when void content is an important parameter. Fiber distribution, cracks, delaminations and other defects can also be analysed.

Void content measurements as an running process control is an effective way to keep continuous control of the manufacturing process.

Void content measurement is an effective tool during evaluation of new composite material such as fibre (glass-, carbon-, aramidefibre etc.) or resin system (polyester, epoxy etc.)

Void content measurement gives a quick response if the composite laminate has the quality expected from the used manufacturing method.


The method is based on that a sample is cut from a finished part or from a test laminate. This sample is molded into a mold for later placement in a grinding/polishing equipment. In this equipment, a mirror-gloss surface is polished and then placed in the microscope for analysis.

As a microscope, a optical microscope or stereo microscope with a CCD camera is used. The CCD camera is connected to an image conversion card in an analysis computer where the image can be studied and calculations performed.


Protocol from the analyses with void content and, if ordered, photos from the analysed surface.


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Void content measurements of composite material

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