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Would you like to know more about the 3D-structure of your material on the micro- to centimeter scale? Would you like to peek into the inside of your product without destroying it or taking it apart? We offer non-destructive imaging through our lab-based X-ray microscope in 2D, 3D (tomography) and 4D (time-resolved tomography).



Characterization of the 3D-structure of a material provides an opportunity to better understand the relationships between the material production process, structure and properties.

  • How well do you know the relationhip between the structure and, for example, the mechanical properties of your material or product?
  • How does the production process affect the 3D-structure of your material or product?
  • RISE can investigate these and related questions using our lab equipment or through our cooperation with state-of-the-art large scale research facilities, such as the MAX IV synchrotron facility.


With the RISE X-ray microscope (Xradia MicroXCT-200, ≤90kV X-ray source) images with a pixel resolution between 0.5 to 10 µm can be achieved, at a field-of-view (FOV) between 1 and 10 mm. Compared to many other instruments ours allow relatively large samples (several centimeters across) to be investigate without reduced pixel resolution. Samples can be scanned without any or with only minimal preparation, and as the analysis is non-destructive, additional analyses can be peformed using other methods on the same sample.

To evaluate the relationships between mechanical properties and structure, we can offer the use of an in-situ tensile- and compressive unit testing unit. Based on your needs we can modiffy this unit as well as develop new equipments and methods.

In addition to images and 3D-representations, which provide an intuitive and qualitative understanding of the material, we can also offer quantitative analyses.  This could be relatively simple analyses, such as measuring the length of a crack in a material, or more advanced, for example determining the volume distribution of pores, or the 3D orientation of particles, in a material. We can also use tomography data to, for example, perform flow simulatations for porous materials. 


Measurement data (image sequences) and a report (Powerpoint) containing an analysis of the results. Of course, we adapt the delivery based on your requests and needs.


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Lab-based X-ray tomography

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Additive manufacturing, Bioeconomy, Design, Packaging, Infrastructure, Food, Testing


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Delivery time depends on the scope of the analysis and booking status of the instrument.


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