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Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

The TGA instrument measures weight change of a sample as a function of temperature.


/node/7041Composition of basically any material may be determined between 50°C and around 1000°C. Typically we analyse plastic- and rubber materials, but we are also pleased to analyse fibers, textiles, varnish, adhesives, biofuels or other materials. The most common analyses are composition of a material or a product. 

 TGA is used for: 

  • Analysis of composition
  • Determination of residue, ash content or inorganic filler
  • Thermal stability or oxidation stability 

Information from TGA analyses are for example moist content in a material (water evaporate at 100°C), presence of low molecular oils and plasticizers in polymers or inorganic fillers, i.e. residual ash. 


A small sample is placed in the instrument chamber, an oven equipped with a scale and controlled temperature and atmosphere. Oxygen, air or nitrogen is chosen as purge gas and the temperature program may be either dynamic or isothermal, depending on the analysis. 

The test samples are small, only 5-15 mg is needed and the analysis takes a couple of hours depending on the chosen temperature program. In nitrogen atmosphere a plastic sample is pyrolyzed, i.e. thermally decomposed. If the purge gas is shifted to air or oxygen organic (carbon containing) substances are incinerated. 

We use standard test methods as well as tailor-made analyses. We have long experience in designing test methods. 

Contact persons

TGA instruments are found at different locations within RISE and we collaborate to give you as a client the best service and delivery time. In Mölndal we have long experience and expertise on recycled plastics and material development (contact Anna Jansson), in Borås we have expertise in anlayses of plastic construction materials, rubber  and durability (contact Anna Bondeson), in Göteborg plastic pipe materials are analysed (contact Anders Höije) and in Stockholm/Kista the expertise on plastic materials in chemical corrosive applications are found (contact Dongming Liu ).



A report containg information about test method, used equipment, with enclosed thermograms and explanation of the results.


Order by phone, mail or e-mail to any of the contact persons listed below.



Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

Metrology Area

Mass / Weight, Temperature

Innovation area

Plastics, Formulated products, Packaging, Chemical processes and products, Chemical and biological analysis, Material transition

Delivery level

Accredited, Non-accredited


ISO 11358-1, SP method 1390


Price on tender

Delivery time

Delivery time is within two weeks from sample arrival at RISE laboratory. 


No preparation needed

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
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Anna Jansson


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