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Testing of solar cell modules

Accredited testing of the performance of solar cell modules in accordance with SS-EN 60904-1


Testing of solar cell modules at RISE gives an independent verification of a modules performance. It can for example be new modules that are tested as a control before installation, old modules that have lost efficiency or why not an innovation that needs to be verified. 

A performance test, above all else, gives a verification of the primary parameters of the module e.g. short circuit current, open circuit voltage and maximum power etc. It is also a way to analyse whether anything is wrong with the module. Cracks, faulty connections, hot-spots or other damages can affect the modules current-voltage characteristic and with that also its performance. 

RISE are also able to perform certain climat tests or mechanical tests that are common in the type approval of solar cell modules but these tests are performed outside the scope of our accreditation. 


Testing is performed in accordance with SS-EN 60904-1 §4.2 Measurements in simulated sunlight. 

The measurements are performed with a class AAA flash solar simulator. Calibrated solar cell modules of mono- or polycrystalline silicon traceable to Fraunhofer ISE are used as references. The measurements take place at our lab in Borås. 


The results are reported in a test report in swedish or english with the accredited testing status. 


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Testing of solar cell modules in accordance with SS-EN 60904-1

Metrology Area

Photometry and radiometry

Innovation area

Energy, Climate adaptation, Generic metrology and measurement technology, Testing

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IEC SS-EN 60904-1


Price on tender

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on the size of the order but can usually be performed during an agreed upon week. 


Since solar cell modules can be very sensitive during transportation it is always safest to deliver and pick up the modules onesself. Alternatively one can hire a transportation firm that has experience in transporting solar cell modules. 

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