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Testing of luminous flux for light sources

Accredited testing of luminous flux for lamps, light sources and luminaires. 


Luminous flux is often an important parameter in the marketing of a light source. An accredited test provides a precise value of the luminous flux and luminous efficacy of the light source. We also perform long term lumen maintenance testing which shows how the luminous flux decreases with time in order to evaluate the expected lifetime of the light source. 


Luminous flux and related quantities are measured in accordance with an internal method which is based on existing international standards and recommendations. 

The luminous flux is measured in an integrating sphere with either 1,5 m or 3 m diameter depeding on the size of the light source. 

The electrical parameters of the light source are also measured as well as the relative light spectrum which is used to calculate the corrolated colour temperature, colour rendering index and colour coordiantes of the light source. 


The results are presented in a test report in english which states that the test was performed as an accredited test. 

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Testing of luminous flux for light sources


Light sources

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CIE 84, CIE 97, CIE 15, CIE 13.3, EN 60064, EN 60357, EN 60901, EN 60081, EN 60969, EN 60662, EN 61167, EN 62639, EN 62612, EN 62717, EN 62471, EN 61000-3-2, EN 50285, EN 60061


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