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Testing of high voltage equipment

We perform testing of products, components and materials, such as power cables, pre-fabricated substations and much more.


Our high voltage hall allows us to generate and measure in the Megavolt range and allows for parallel activities in several test bays. Together with our neighbouring departments we can also perform mechanical, environmental, acoustics tests and more.


We have testing resources and top modern measuring equipment for:

  • AC voltage and current
  • DC voltage and current
  • Lightning and switching impulse voltage (LI and SI)
  • PD magnitude
  • Temperature rise
  • Capacitance
  • Tan delta

We can perform dielectric withstand testing with:

  • AC
  • DC
  • Lightning Impulse (LI)
  • Switching Impulse (SI)
  • Measurement of partial discharge magnitude

Temperature rise tests on:

  • Current transformers
  • Distribution power transformers
  • Prefabricated substations
  • Power cables

Insulation quality assurance:

  • Measurement of capacitance
  • Measurement of dissipation factor

Mechanical endurance and environmental compatibility tests on all kinds of high voltage equipment. Acoustic noise level measurement on high voltage equipment.

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Testing of high voltage equipment and materials

Metrology Area

Electricity, Force and torque, Sound and vibrations, Temperature

Innovation area

Energy, Infrastructure, Generic metrology and measurement technology, Product safety, Testing

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High Voltage Laboraty

Internationally unique. Strong personnel group comprising both world-renowned researchers and experienced technicians guarantees competence, flexibility and capacity.

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