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Testing of fasteners for timber constructions

Testing of fasteners for determination of load-bearing capacity prior to CE marking or other purposes.


RISE tests most types of fasteners, such as nails and wood screws, and performs manufacturing inspections as a third party. RISE is the only laboratory in Sweden that is a notified body for performing type tests on fasteners in load-bearing wooden structures in accordance with the harmonized standard EN 14592 Timber structures - Dowel-type fasteners - Requirements. 

Testing is performed to determine properties such as tensile strength, head pull-through capacity, torque capacity, etc. We also specially design tests to get values for the property you want to test, even if there is no standard for it.

RISE is a notified body for the CE marking standards EN 14592 (see above) and EN14545 (punched metal plates) and we help with tests according to EN 14566 (screws for plasterboard).


The tests are performed in a laboratory environment with the help of, among other things, tensile test equipment, torque sensors, angle sensors, etc.


The results of the tests are delivered in a test report. If the results are to be used for the purpose of CE-marking the product, RISE will also write a type test report.


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Testing of dowel shaped fasteners for structural use in timber


Density, Power / torque sensors, Humidity sensor, Torque wrenches, Calipers, Balances

Metrology Area

Force and torque, Mass / Weight

Innovation area

Construction, Certification, Wood technology

Delivery level

Accredited, Non-accredited


EN 1383

EN 1382

EN 409

EN 1381

EN 14592

EN 14566

EN 14545 


Price on tender

Delivery time

Delivery time is determined at the quotation stage.


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