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Testing of hardened concrete - strength and chlorides

Mechanical and chemical analyzes of concrete.


Testing of compressive- and splitting strength and also choride penetration, adhesion, water penetration and carbonation of concrete. Most of our methods are accredited. Order form is used.

Quality control of concrete from factories and construction sites


Testing of concrete in our laboratories in Borås and Stockholm. We have several testing machines and sawing- and grinding equipment. For common methods, see under Standards or get in touch with the contact persons.


Test report according method is included.



Testing of hardened concrete - compressive strength, splitting strength, chlorides

Innovation area

Construction, Cement and concrete, Infrastructure, Built environment

Delivery level

Accredited, Non-accredited

Field measures



SS-EN 12390-3 Tryckhållfasthet

SS-EN 12390-6 Spräckhållfasthet

SS-EN 12390-7 Densitet

SS-EN 12390-8 Vatteninträngning, endast Borås

CBI-metod nr 6 Vidhäftningshållfasthet

SP-metod 0433 Kloridhalt med "rapid chloride test"

SS 137242 Karbonatiseringsdjup 

CBI-metod nr 5 Kloridhalt, endast Stockholm


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Information about delivery time via the contact persons.


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Jesper Olsson


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Fredrik Sundqvist

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Fredrik Sundqvist


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