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Tensile test of sheet metal

Standard uniaxial tensile test of sheet metal performed at room temperature or at elevated temperatures up to 1000°C.


Efficient and quality secured method for producing data used in for example forming simulations. The test results can also be used for material- and batch comparisons when investigating solutions on production problems.

The measurements can also be performed on heat-treated materials where we heat-treat the material in an oven to a decided temperature for a chosen time. The tests are called Bake hardening (BH).


Tensile tests are conducted on three samples which are cut out of the sheet in three directions with respect to the rolling direction (0°, 45°, 90°). The tests are done using a hydraulic MTS tensile test machine with maximum load of ± 100 kN at RISE Stamping and forming center located in Olofström Sweden. Strain measurements are conducted using either a videoextenciometer or ARAMIS, which is an optical 3D deformation measurement system that analyze, calculates and documents strains. Both systems measure on a sprayed stochastic pattern where the measurement area range from 0.01 % to several 100 %.


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Standard uniaxial tensiletest of sheet metal

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Material transition


Metalliska material – Dragprovning – Del 1: Testmetod vid rumstemperatur (ISO 6892-1:2016)

Metalliska material – Dragprovning – Del 2: Provningsmetod vid förhöjd temperatur (ISO 6892‑2:2018)


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