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Temporary structures

Scaffolds and ladders that are sold and used in Sweden must be type examined and meet the requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations. RISE performs type control for these products in Sweden and now also has the opportunity to issue certificates for products to be sold in Norway in accordance the Produsentforskriften.


We perform analyzes and calculations of all types of building structures, structural details and scaffolding. Some examples of scaffolding that we evaluated with FEM analyzes are scaffolding, pallet racks, temporary grandstands and cable ladders. At RISE there is a great deal of experience in evaluations, both against Swedish and foreign norms and standards such as AFS 2013: 4 and AFS 2004: 3.

Scaffolding, scaffolding components and ladders need to be type examined or certified in order for them to be marketed and sold in Sweden and Norway. Examples of products that we can type examine/ certify as an accredited body are:

  • Facade scaffolding
  • Mobile access tower
  • Room scaffolding
  • Couplers
  • Platforms and woden grating
  • Ladders and trestles

RISE is accredited to be able to do this both according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's requirements in Sweden but also according to the corresponding requirements of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority .

Finite Element calculations

Computer calculations are a powerful tool, not least when used in combination with testing, which are increasingly used in product and system evaluation. Advanced calculations are mainly performed using the Finite Element Method (FEM). Component tests are often used to generate input data for the calculation model and full-scale tests for validation of the calculation model. Finite element calculations in combination with scaffolding testing have become a specialty for RISE.


Evaluation and testing of temporary structures are carried out at our accredited operations in Borås where we have our laboratory. We have accreditation for methods in scaffolding, ladders and trestles.


The result of an assignment is usually a calculation or test report in which the product's properties and carrying capacity are reported. If the product is to be type-examined, a type-examination certificate or certificate will be issued in accordance with the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations for the Swedish market or the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority's regulations for the Norwegian market.


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Type examination and certification of temporary structures

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SP 1744 (internal method)

EN 74-1, EN 74-2, EN 74-3

EN 1004

SS-EN 12810-2

SS-EN 12811-3

AFS 2004:3

SS 2091

EN 131-2

EN 131-4

EN 131-6

EN 131-7


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