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Specialty optical fiber

At Fiberlab, we develop various types of optical fibers in collaboration with partners around the world.

Our resources include research on glass and coating materials, drawing of fibers and capillaries, via prototype series and full production of optical fibers.


A specialty optical fiber is often the solution for bringing a demonstrated fiber optic function to a real solution that is technically and commercially relevant.

Issues such as durability in harsh environments and industrial settings can be solved by applying coatings like hermetic carbon, high temperature acrylates, polyimide, nylon, PFA, PTFE, PEEK or other materials to the fiber. Other tricks could include slight modification to the waveguiding properties to maximize the performance of the fiber.

Our specialty optical fiber-page lists some examples if our fibers.  

Fiberlab is an independent resource for Swedish, European and international labs and companies that want access to leading expertise and resources for development and manufacture of optical fiber.

We accept contracts in any part of the development process, from proof-of-concept to prototyping and production. We are also an appreciated partner in e.g. EU projects and other research collaborations. 


All specialty optical fibers are different. A plan is set up in dialogue with the partner in each specific case.  

All resources in Fiber Optics at RISE is made available when needed. These resources include:

  • Two 17m high draw towers
    • Processes for silica-based glasses and preforms
    • Fiber diameters range from 25µm to several mm
  • Processes for a range of coatings, including 
    • High temperature polyimide
    • Acrylate (standard telecom acrylate, low index, hard clad silica, mid/high temperature acrylate)
    • Silicone
    • Hermetic carbon
    • Specialty coating materials
  • Processes for extruded buffers, including
    • Nylon
    • PFA
    • PTFE
    • PEEK
    • Hytrel
    • Specialty buffer materials
  • Preform design and specification, and access to preform manufacture systems
  • Optical characterization of preforms and optical fibers
  • Material analysis resources, including scanning electron microscope (SEM) and FTIR
  • Tensile strength tests and proof test of fiber
  • Access to labs for reliability tests
  • Glass workshops and mechanical workshops


The service is performed in close dialogue with the partner. The delivery is typically an optical fiber, but could also be reports and data from validation tests or other services. 

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Contact us

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Design and production of specialty optical fiber

Innovation area

Digital infrastructure, Electronics, Infrastructure, Sensors and sensor systems


Fiberlab is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


Price on tender

Delivery time

Delivery time varies depending on the complexity of the fiber to be developed. It can range from one week to several months, typically a project runs for 8 weeks. 


Perhaps you already know what you need. Otherwise we'll discuss the challenges in your particular application, and set a target specification in dialogue with you. 

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