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SP FIRE 105 – Fire test for facade

Meet the fire requirements in the BBR for facade systems in multi-storey buildings through the method SP FIRE 105. A full-scale method where the facade is exposed by an apartment fire that escapes out through a window opening. RISE offers testing at our fire lab in Borås, where our world-leading smoke cleaning system takes care of all emissions.


Fire test according to SP FIRE 105 evaluates the fire properties of a facade system regarding flame spread, falling parts, temperature at the eaves and radiation towards the floor above the burning apartment. The general recommendation in National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's building regulations, the BBR, refers directly to the method in the case of external walls in building class BR1 and the requirements are described in the recommendation.

Examples of facade systems that can be tested in this method are wooden facades, rough casted cellular plastic facades, board facades, concrete elements etc.


The facade system is mounted on our rig, either directly against the steel frame or on a cover of lightweight concrete blocks. The rig is 4 meters wide and 6 meters high and contains two fictitious window openings that represent two floors.

The thing to keep in mind is that assembly should be performed as close to reality as possible. Window frames should be used around the fictitious windows and along the lower edge of the system, the edge first exposed by the fire. It is important to determine which substrate(s) the system is usually applied to and how the various components are to be mounted. Any air gaps or similair should be considered.

During testing, the rig is placed over a fire room that will simulate an apartment that is on fire. A fire with 60 liters of Heptane is the source of the fire and creates an flash over ignition of the apartment that pushes flames out of the window opening and the flames expose the surface of the facade. The test lasts around 17 minutes. During this time, falling parts are observed and temperature measurements at the eaves and radiation measurements against the floor above the burning apartment are performed. After the test, the specimen is inspected to determine how far the flame base has reached.


After testing, a test report is delivered in Swedish or English with the results. The report can be used as a basis for an assessment from RISE or a Swedish type approval that facilitates reaching the market.


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SP FIRE 105 – Fire test for facade


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