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Sensory Analysis - Introductory course in Sensory Methods

A 2 day practical introduction to sensory analysis!

The course will give you a basic understanding of sensory methods and analysis. 


Using sensory analysis enables a measure of a product's sensory character. The appearance, taste, flavor, aroma and mouthfeel are some of the perceptions measured by sensory analysis on food products. These methods are also applicable on non-food products such as packaging or cosmetics.

During 2 days you and your company will receive an introduction to sensory analysis and what aspects that influence choice of method and results. 

RISE has a long experience of practical courses where theory is mixed with several exercises to reach a deepened understanding of the most important methods. 

An understanding of how sensory analysis is conducted and when it can be utilized enables a more effective product development and quality assurance of your products. 


During 2 days we cover:

  • An overview of sensory analysis - when and how? 
  • Sensory analytical test methods - how do we measure? Exercises with difference tests and descriptive tests.
  • Physiology of the senses - how will different senses affect our experience? We test our senses with practical examples.
  • The panel and the role of the panel leader
  • Quality measures

The course is available either at RISE or on your premises. 



The course will give you a basic understanding of sensory analysis and the methods to use it at your company. 


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Sensory Analysis - Introductory course in Sensory Methods and Analyses

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