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Sensors and Sensor application development

RISE investigates, proposes and develops the most suitable solution based on the customer's needs with regard to environment, price and volume. As an independent partner, RISE can identify, implement and develop the technical solution that best addresses customer needs regardless of sensor problem.


RISE offers Sweden's broadest and most interdisciplinary sensor and sensor application development expertise. In addition to "classic" sensor competence, we also offer system design, electronics design, signal processing, simulation, AI and "Big data" skills, in other words everything needed to develop a new sensor or a new sensor application - from need to product.

The range of our employees and network's expertise makes us a unique partner, with the potential to make a real difference, by generating unique and innovative solutions to our customers sensor needs. However, we are not unfamiliar with recommending our customer's existing solutions or adaptations of these if possible. The most important thing for us is that our customer gets a cost-effective solution that solves the need!


Agile development usually starts a project with the customer presenting their needs. Quotation is submitted after discussion with customer regarding content and delimitations in a pre-study . When the quotation is accepted, a pre-study is carried out with varying degrees of involvement from the customer, depending on the nature of the need. The goal of the pre-study is to generate some ideas on how to satisfy the customer's needs, estimate the cost of different alternatives and develop a plan for continued work.

After completion of the pre-study, RISE will help to develop the selected solution step by step to final product if the customer so wishes.


RISE delivers according to quotation. Requirements for standard fulfillment and documentation are specified before project start. The normal delivery from the pre-study step is a report (often in PowerPoint format), where the problem is described and proposals for solutions are presented together with recommendations and suggestions for the next steps.

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Agil sensor system development
Photo: Gert Andersson
Från behov till produkt

RISE stödjer efter behov i hela kedjan, från den första idé generering till färdig produkt.


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Sensors and Sensor application development: From requierment to product

Metrology Area

Electricity, Photometry and radiometry, Gas flow, High frequency and microwaves, Force and torque, Sound and vibrations, Humidity, Length and geometry, Mass / Weight, Temperature, Time and frequency, Pressure and vacuum, Volume and flow

Innovation area

Artificial intelligence, Work environment, Automated vehicles, Construction, Digital infrastructure, Digitalisation, Digital health, Electromobility, Electronics, Energy, Packaging, Infection control, Internet of Things, Climate neutral industry, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Generic metrology and measurement technology, Mobility services, Perception, Preventive healthcare, Production and manufacturing, Sensors and sensor systems, Water

Field measures



Price on tender

Delivery time

The delivery time for the first step normally a pre-study varies, but is usually between 1.5 and 3 months.

The development time for subsequent steps is very variable depending on the scope and complexity of the new development that must be implemented to reach a product.


The assignments are planned and performed in cooperation with the customer.

Gert Andersson

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Gert Andersson

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Sjoerd Haasl


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