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Road equipment - Mechanical properties

Road equipment includes products that are meant to help and protect you and other road users. There is a requirement that lighting columns, road restraint systems, signs, delineator posts and road traffic noise reducing devices are CE-marked in order for the road holder to be able to provide the roads with save and adapted products.


Today, there is a requirement for CE marking for road equipment components. In order to CE-mark products, essential features need to be developed or reviewed by a notified body (an approved independent partner). We at RISE can help you with testing, calculation, guidance, investigation or evaluation in the field of crash, fatigue, as well as static and dynamic load.

The requirements for the mechanical properties of road equipment components are used to reduce the number of deaths and injuries in traffic.

RISE can help you to prepare documentation for the technical documentation (the technical file) that is available to show that the product meets the necessary requirements.

We deliver an efficient evaluation process for you who need to CE-mark road equipment components. Through our work we can help reduce the cost of your development process, for example with a reduced test plan or engineering assessments. Engaging us early in the development process can make your path smoother and faster to a CE-marked product.


At RISE we can evaluate mechanical properties for the following product standards: Lighting columns - EN 40, Signs - EN 12899-1, delineator posts - EN 12899-3, road traffic noise reducing devices - EN 14388 and road restraint systems - EN 1317. See link below for RISE's competence as a notified body for CPR.


We help you to achieve a CE marking. We issue evaluation reports that can be used as a basis for CE marking. We can carry out training and for non-CE marked products we can also be advisors in your development of both new products and methods.

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Road equipment - Evaluation of mechanical properties and performance


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Lighting columns - EN 40

Signs - EN 12899-1

Delineator posts - EN 12899-3

Road traffic noise reducing devices - EN 14388

Road restraint systems - EN 1317


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A project often starts with a feasibility study where we help with what documentation is needed to start the certification process.

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