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Reporting centre for taxi

Actors who are authorised to conduct taxi operations in Sweden shall transfer data from each vehicle's taximeter, by wireless and digital, to a so-called reporting centre. The technical equipment used by a reporting centre must be certified. RISE can review the design and issue the certificate the Swedish Transport Agency requests.


A reporting centre can receive taximeter information through a certified technical equipment. Thus, it is not an ordinary taxi centre, ordering centre, travel service centre or the like. The Swedish Transport Agency issues permits to reporting centres and supervises them. To obtain a permit, the technical equipment must be certified, ie meet the requirements of the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations TSFS 2016: 47.

The purpose of the reporting centres is to contribute to competition on equal terms and to provide a better functioning taxi business. The information is transferred from the reporting centre to the Swedish Tax Agency when the authority requests it. The Swedish Tax Agency will use the information to better carry out tax checks. The Swedish Transport Agency supervises the reporting centres. At an inspection, the authority looks at various aspects in order to be able to decide whether or not a company is appropriate to conduct taxi operations.


RISE reviews the characteristics of the technical equipment through tests, calculations etc. according to the requirements of TSFS 2016: 47, Chapter 3. The evaluation also consists of a review of the technical documentation. Parts of the tests can be carried out at the premises of the manufacturer. A number of working meetings (design reviews) are held together. The evaluation also checks that it is traceable if information assets in the equipment are changed or deleted, and that the manufacturer ensures that the software provides the functionality required while maintaining a high level of security. RISE reviews the software if necessary.

RISE shall also, through an initial visit, verify that the manufacturer's development environment meets the requirements in accordance with TSFS 2016: 47, Chapter 2.

RISE also performs evaluation of technical equipment at least once a year, in accordance with the requirements of TSFS 2016: 47, Chapter 4.


The result of the RISE evaluation is reported in a written report, as well as in a certificate if the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations are fulfilled. The certificate shall apply to the technical equipment of the reporting centre.


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Certification of technical equipment for reporting centres for taxi

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The Swedish Transport Agency's regulations (TSFS 2016: 47) on technical equipment at reporting centres for taxi traffic. (See . Information in Swedish.)


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Delivery time depends on whether the technical equipment is completed when the evaluation is started, or if the evaluation is done in parallel with parts of the development work.


The manufacturer of the technical equipment for the reporting centre shall document its working method in accordance with TSFS 2016: 47, Chapter 2, § 14. In addition, documentation on the functions and design of the technical equipment is needed.

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