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Proficiency testing for biorefinery laboratories

Would you like to know how the results from your lab compare to others? Our Proficiency Test gives the possibility to evaluate the quality of your chemical analyses of pulp, lignin and process liquors.


Proficiency tests are interlaboratory comparisons that give you regular and objective determination of the accuracy of your analyses and assesses the quality of your routine work.

For chemical analysis of samples from the biorefinery, reference material or standard substances are often lacking. By testing in several laboratories a robust assigned average value is obatined that can be used for the evaluation.  


RISE offers proficiency testing for pulp, process liquors and lignin. More than 40 parameters are optional. The samples are distributed by RISE and analyzed by each participant using their regular procedures.


The results are compiled in a report, where the identities the participants are confidential. Each participant is assigned a unique participation code in order to identify their results in the report.


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Proficiency tests for chemical analysis of pulp, lignin and process liquors

Innovation area

Chemical processes and products, Chemical and biological analysis


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Delivery time

The samples will be distributed in early fall and results are reported in December.


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