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Petrographic analysis

Petrographic analysis of aggregates for use in concrete, roads, and asphalt.


Purporse of analysis of aggregates is to certify that crushed rock, glaciofluvial sediments and reusable materials have good prerequisites to be part as a constituent in the final Construction/building product.  

Proper constituents as part of the final products means long durability, good ability to resist external influences and economical benifits for infrastructural projects such as roads, bridges, construction of dams and underpinnings for railways in the long run. 


Methods that are used for evaluation of the aggregates for concrete, unbound layers, Railway ballast- and asphalt purposes is RILEM AAR-1 (macroscopic- and microscopic method, that is in line with SS-EN 932-3. 

For road constructions and undbound layers in relation to stability the method TDOK 2014:0144 - methoc C is used for calculation of mica content. 


Test report according to method is provided. 


Ordering can be done using the link below or via contact person.



Petrographic analysis for aggregates

Innovation area

Construction, Cement and concrete, Infrastructure, Built environment

Delivery level



SS-EN 13043 Asphalt

SS-EN 13242 Unbound layers

TDOK 2015:0759/ SS-EN 13450 Railway ballast

SS-EN 12620:2008/ SS 137003:2015 Concrete


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