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Payment systems

It is important that payments are registered correctly, reliably and with confidentiality. Payment systems in society continue to evolve. Today we see electronic receipts, payments over the Internet and payments via mobile phone. RISE works with security and reliability in payment systems. Testing is offered for control units and cash registers


RISE offers the following services for payment systems:
• Certification of control units in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations
• Evaluation of cash registers in accordance with the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations
• Risk Analysis

Companies that sell goods or services for cash payment must, according to the Swedish Tax Agency, have a certified cash register. The purpose is to protect serious entrepreneurs in the cash trade against unfair competition. The cash register must be connected to a certified control unit that reads the transactions in the cash register and creates a control code. RISE can help companies that produce control units with the certificates needed to be able to sell in Sweden. Swedac has accredited RISE as a certification body for cash register control units.

Companies that market cash registers in Sweden must certify that they meet the Swedish Tax Agency's requirements. RISE can evaluate whether a cash register complies with the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations.

All payment systems must be dependable. A risk analysis together with RISE can be used to choose between payment solutions.


An evaluation of a control unit encompasses both the proper functioning of the control unit as well as information security during development and production. The requirements of the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations (SKVFS 2009:12, SKVFS 2012:5 and SKVFS 2016:1) are evaluated through design review, functional testing, analysis and fault injection. The certification includes tests of functionality, safety, performance, reliability and user environment as well as requirements for manufacturing. In addition, RISE carries out an evaluation (reference testing) at least once a year of control units from the manufacturer's manufacturing environment. We also audit the manufacturer's production environment at least once a year.

The evaluation of a cash register entails functional tests to ascertain that the functions meet the requirements of the Swedish Tax Agency's statute SKVFS 2014:9. The tests do not normally include the task of searching for unauthorized functions, but the purpose is to confirm that existing functions are correctly implemented.


The result of the RISE evaluation is reported in a written report, as well as in a certificate if the requirements of the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations for control units are fulfilled.


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Certification of control units, evaluation of cash registers and payment systems


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Risk and safety


The Swedish Tax Agency's regulations (SKVFS 2009:12, SKVFS 2012:5, SKVFS 2016:1) on control unit for cash register. The Swedish Tax Agency's regulations (SKVFS 2014: 9) on requirements for cash registers. (See )


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Delivery time

Delivery time depends on whether the equipment is ready at the start of the evaluation, or ifthe evaluation takes place in parallel with parts of the development work.


The manufacturer of a control unit shall document the development method in accordance with SKVFS 2016:1, Chapter 13. In addition, documentation on the functions and design of the control unit is required.

The manufacturer of a cash register shall document all functions contained in the cash register.

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