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Open end yarn spinning - rotor spinning

RISE has an equipment that can make yarn from textile fibres and create staple fibre yarns. This method is called Open End or rotor spinning and is suitable for short fibres. We have different kinds of rotors that fits different kinds of fibres and several blends.


Here at RISE we work a lot with mechanical recycled fibres that often is shorter than corresponding virgin fibres. Therefore this particular method of yarn spinning is suitable, but the method can also handle fibres up to about 50 mm length. Open End spinning maintains a high production capacity and with different settings we optimize strength and twist in the yarn.  

Short fibers in the span of about 15-50 mm are well suited to this particular method, as they do not work in, for example, a ring-spinning process. Yarn knots etc is optimized to get as strong a yarn as possible. 


Staple fibre yarn production in form of Open-End method.    

Fibres are separated, carded and stretched into a sliver or tow. This sliver is fed into the euipment. Inside the equipment there is a rotor that rotates quickly and in this way orients the fibres, gives them a twist and stretches so that a yarn can be formed and wound up on the bobbin on the top of the machine. 

We have the possibility at RISE to perform all steps from tearing material, release the fibres, carding and make sliver and then spin yarn. We can also make some knitting trials in a small circular knitting machine.  

Please contact us to learn more of the possibility for us to help you and your company with making yarns in small scale trials.   


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Open end yarn spinning - rotor spinning


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