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Modular evaluation of measuring instruments

RISE is an accredited certification body for assessing parts of a measuring instrument according to WELMEC Guide 8.8, and can in this capacity issue Parts Certificates and Evaluation Certificates regarding components and accessories to measuring instruments.


The purpose of a Parts Certificate, or an Evaluation Certificate is to be a part of basis for a type examination of a complete measuring system according to the Measuring Instrument Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) or Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument Directive 2014/31/EU (NAWI).

All evaluation and testing are based on the requirements in WELMEC Guide 8.8. For parts of measuring systems an Evaluation Certificate (EC), or Parts Certificate (PC), can be issued in accordance with WELMEC Guide 8.8. Older Test Certificates (TC) can be transferred to Parts Certificates. New Test Certificates cannot be issued. 

RISE has an accreditation to certify following instrument types (for more detailed information see RISE certification rule SPCR 181):

  • Load cells
  • Parts with analog-to-digital conversion and without a LC
  • Purely digital parts (PDP)
  • Point of Sales Device (POS)
  • Liquids Other Than Water (LOTW)


The process starts when RISE receives an application from the manufacturer. The technical documentation shall be attached to the application.
A special application form is available, and it has a guide to what the technical documentation shall contain.

An evaluation plan is developed by RISE in consultation with the manufacturer to decide what tests are required. The technical documentation and the results of the tests are evaluated. RISE test laboratories can perform the testing according to the instrument specific requirements.


If RISE makes the assessment that the part of the MID or NAWI instrument meets the requirements, a Parts Certificate or Evaluation Certificate will be issued. The validity period for a certificate is 10 years, and requires, among other things, that no changes will be made to the instrument, that the harmonized standard is still harmonized or, in the case where the harmonized standard has not been applied, that new knowledge or experiences does not dispute the original assessment. The evaluation report compiles the results of various tests and examinations that have been performed.

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Modular evaluation of measuring instruments according to WELMEC Guide 8.8


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RISE certification rule SPCR 181


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No preparation is required, however, a clear definition of the measuring instrument and the intended use of the instrument should be made clear in the initial contact with RISE Certification. An initial contact with RISE Certification should be made as early as possible when a measuring instrument is to be certified.

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