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Modelling and simulation of sensors and sensor systems

We offer modelling and simulation services that aim to support the entire product and development cycle, from applied research and concept ideas to prototyping and product development. Our focus is on sensors and sensor systems in areas such as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and electromagnetism.


Modelling and simulation are important tools for achieving a basic understanding of a sensor idea or a system concept. These tools often serve as support in an iterative process in which modelling and simulation are combined with testing and verification to arrive at the best solution for a given application and area of use.

Our expertise in system design and sensors, combined with our modelling and simulation know-how, enables us to address all phases of the development cycle, from concept study and requirements analysis to system integration and testing. 

The assignments we take on are often complex and involve an analysis of a combination of different physical phenomena. The following is a selection of our areas of e

  • Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)  

    • Accelerometers 
    • Gyroscopes 
    • Energy harvesting 
  • Electromagnetism  
    • Magnetic measurement technology 
    • Capacitive measurement technology
    • Coil design 
    • Antenna design 


Depending on the problem, we use the modelling tools that are fit for the job. Some examples include applied mathematical modelling, statistical modelling, numerical simulation or finite element analysis (FEM). For FEM simulations, we mainly use COMSOL Multiphysics but we also have experience in Ansys. In other cases, we primarily use Matlab and Python. 


RISE provides custom price quotes for sensor systems. Standard compliance requirements and documentation are specified before a project starts.


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Modelling and simulation of sensors and sensor systems

Innovation area

Additive manufacturing, Design, Digitalisation, Electronics, Energy, Internet of Things, Chemical and biological analysis, Food, Generic metrology and measurement technology, Production and manufacturing, Sensors and sensor systems


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Delivery time

The typical project deliverable is a report that presents the problem, approach and results, along with recommendations and suggestions for next steps. 


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Christian Jonasson

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Christian Jonasson

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