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Mechanically ventilated gaps and constructions – function control


<p>Used to create moisture-proof constructions and to stop emissions from reaching the indoor environment. We work on evaluating the function of these constructions in connection with damage investigations, inspections and quality assurance during new installation, verification of system solutions in connection with certification and follow-up control of certified systems and installations.</p>


The purpose of a function control can be, for example, inventory / function mapping of installations or follow-up control of certified systems to assess the system's function. Function testing can also be a subset of damage investigation of buildings with moisture problems.


The functional test of the mechanically ventilated design ensures that the system works in the intended way and that moisture and emissions from underlying construction do not spread to the indoor environment.

A functional test can be performed at different stages:

  1. During construction to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly and give the installer a chance to verify that the system is airtight before the flooring / surface layer is completed so that any leaks can be corrected as early as possible.
  2. During the use phase to verify that the installation works as it should and has not been compromised by changes in general ventilation, refurbishing of adjacent building parts, dirt or other operational disturbance.


The accredited SP methods 1630-1634 cover a range of test methods for evaluating the function in mechanically ventilated gaps, which include, for example, control of airflow direction, pressure difference between the ventilated gap and the indoor environment, airtightness and tracer gas measurement to study air movements.

In addition to these measurements, an indication measurement of the airflow in the exhaust air duct and pressure drop over the building envelope is normally included. When monitoring the certified systems, an assessment is also made of the installed system's compliance with the design documentation.



Results from the functional test are presented in a report.


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Function control of mechanically ventilated floors, walls and other mechanically ventilated constructions

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SP methods 1630-1634


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