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Laser classification

We perform classifications of all types of lasers i accordance with SS-EN 60825-1.


Classification of a laser or laser product in accordance with SS-EN 60825-1 involves characterizing the laser with regard to output power, wavelength, pulse etc. Based on those measurements the product is assigned a laser class. The laser class determines e.g. what warning labels the product should have. We are also able to measure the divergence of the laser in order to calculate the laser hazard distance. 

In order for a product to be marketed it is required that the product is safe. SS-EN 60825-1 is one of the standards that laser products need to comply with in order to be handled safely. 


The classification is performed in accorance with applicable parts of method 0374 which is based on IEC SS-EN 60825-1:2014.


The results are presented in a report in english with an accreditation mark. The report also gives instructions about how to label the product and which information needs to be available to the user in the manual. 

RISE is also a CB Test Laboratory for IECEE and can upon request issue an IECEE-report for the test which can then be certified by IECEE through Intertek Semko. 


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Classification of lasers and laser products in accordance with SS-EN 60825-1.


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IEC SS-EN 60825-1:2014


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