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Hydraulic Fluids which meet environmental requirements in SS 15 54 34

Hydraulic Fluids are used to transfer power in the hydraulic systems of various machines such as forest machines, excavators, trucks, cranes, etc. However, leakage of these fluids may have an environmental impact. That’s why a Swedish Standard has been compiled with, among other things, environment requirements on Hydraulic Fluids.


RISE examines the environmental characteristics of the hydraulic oils in accordance with section 5.3 of the Swedish standard SS 15 54 34. The standard also specifies technical requirements for hydraulic fluids, but the examination does not cover these requirements. However, according to the examination agreement, RISE has the right to demand a declaration that a product meets the technical requirements of the standard. According to the agreement, RISE can also, with immediate effect from the list, remove products that does not meet the requirements of the standard.

Information on the technical characteristics of the hydraulic fluids is provided by the respective supplier / manufacturer. Replacement of the product should always be done in consultation with the machine manufacturer and supplier of the hydraulic fluid.

The list of products can be downloaded via the link to the right.

The SP list of lubricating greases is available here.

The major cities in Sweden, as well as the Swedish Transport Administration, have common environmental requirements when awarding contracts. The requirements are particularly focused on contracts that are carried out in areas that require precautionary measures such as ground water level, drinking water protection areas and environmental protection areas or the like. These environmental requirements basically mean that hydraulic oil must always meet the environmental requirements of Swedish standard SS 15 54 34.

In an international perspective, the environmental requirements are stringent and mean that hydraulic fluid must, among other things, be biodegradable and provide minimized water toxicity. The requirements also include, among other things, the control of allergenic substances and substances with particularly hazardous health and environmental properties (CMR, PBT).



Published list, also called "SP list" is based on applying SS 15 54 34  according to the examination practice established by the project "Clean Smörja", which was started by the City of Gothenburg in consultation with the Swedish Chemicals Agency. Through an agreement with the Göteborg Region Municipal Association and the Environment Secretariat in the City of Gothenburg, RISE publishes the list since 1998.

Expertise at RISE (formerly SP) has reviewed the following products that meet the environmental requirements of Swedish standard 15 54 34, Hydraulic fluids - Requirements and test method


The list that will only be published in pdf format on this website is protected by copyright, which means that it may not be published in its entirety or as an excerpt without citation of source.

The list is updated regularly, and at most every calendar month. It is the list that was last published on the website that is valid.


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Environmental properties of hydraulic oils according to SS 15 54 34


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