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Hydraulic Fluids which meet environmental requirements in SS 15 54 34

Hydraulic Fluids are used to transfer power in the hydraulic systems of various machines such as forest machines, excavators, trucks, cranes, etc. However, leakage of these fluids may have an environmental impact. That’s why a Swedish Standard has been compiled with, among other things, environment requirements on Hydraulic Fluids.


The major cities in Sweden, as well as the Swedish transport administration require that hydraulic fluids used meet the environmental requirements in Swedish standard SS 15 54 34 when procuring contracts that concern areas where precautionary measures are required (for example land below the groundwater level, drinking water sources and environmental protection areas).

RISE offers an examination of the environmental properties of hydraulic fluids according to the above-mentioned standard. Approved hydraulic fluids are published on the "SP list" which can be downloaded on the right.

A prerequisite for listing is that the hydraulic fluid also meets the technical requirements specified in the standard, but these are not covered by the review. According to the review agreement, however, RISE has the right to demand documentation that shows that the technical requirements are also met. RISE can also remove products that do not meet the requirements from the list with immediate effect. Information on technical properties is provided by the respective supplier/manufacturer. Changing the product must always be done in consultation with the machine manufacturer and the supplier of the hydraulic fluid.

From an international perspective, the environmental requirements are strict and mean that the hydraulic fluid must be biodegradable, have minimal negative impact on the water environment and not contain too high levels of allergenic substances as well as carcinogenic, reproductive toxic and mutagenic substances (CMR substances).

RISE also reviews the environmental properties of lubricating greases according to SS 15 54 70, that list is available here.



The review is based on information about the chemical content of the hydraulic fluid, and it is the customer (usually the supplier/manufacturer of the product) who is responsible for ensuring that all required documentation is available.


Hydraulic fluids that meet environmental requirements are added to the list of approved products. The list ("SP list") is only published on this website and is protected by copyright, which means that it may not be published in its entirety, or as an extract without reference to the source. The list is updated continuously, but at most every calendar month. It is the list most recently published on the website that is valid.

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Environmental properties of hydraulic oils according to SS 15 54 34


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