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Greases which meet environmental requirements in SS 15 54 70

The use of lubricating grease on moving parts is essential to save energy and diminish friction and wear. Since the grease used is consumed and may leak to the environment it is vital to use an environmentally adapted grease, especially in outdoor applications.


The examination done by RISE covers the environmental properties of lubricating greases in accordance with section 5.2 of Swedish standard SS 15 54 70. 

 The standard does not include any technical requirements as the performance is specified based on the area of application, but information about the technical properties, etc., of the lubricant is available from the suppliers.

The list of products can be downloaded via the link to the right.

RISE also examines hydraulic fluids, and that SP list is available here.

In 1998 environmental criteria for lubricating grease were compiled within the Gothenburg project "Ren Smörja". These criteria have been elaborated and are now a part of the Swedish Standard "Lubricating Grease – Requirements and Test Methods – SS 15 54 70". After an international hearing the standard was issued in 2002 and the official English version 2004. 

From an international perspective, the environmental requirements, as given in Section 5.2 in the standard, are rigorous and signify that the base fluid in the lubricating grease should be biodegradable, with minimal aquatic toxicity. Further an examination of chemical compounds with sensitising properties is required.

The products on the list are used in a wide range of applications, including universal lubrication, rail lubrication, lubrication for heavy forestry machinery and, in central lubrication systems for trucks and other vehicles.


The published list, also called "SP list" is based on applying SS 15 54 70, the latest edition according to the examination practice established by the project "Clean Smörja", which was started by the City of Gothenburg in consultation with the Swedish Chemicals Agency. 

Expertise at RISE (formerly SP) examines products regarding the environmental requirements in Swedish standard 15 54 70, "Lubricants, industrial oils and similar products (Class L) Specifications for family X (Lubricating grease)". The list is updated regularly, and at most every calendar month. It is the list most recently published on the website that is valid.

Each examination presumes access to the formulation, including the chemical composition of the base fluid/s and the additives. All information about the product and the test results are given under a written personal confidentiality agreement. The technical performance level is set by the standard and is fulfilled by self-claim by the manufacturers.


The list is only published in pdf format on this website is protected by copyright, which means that it may not be published in its entirety or as an excerpt without citation of source.

The list is updated regularly, and at most every calendar month. It is the list most recently published on the website that is valid.


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Assessment of environmental properties according to SS 15 54 70


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