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Glulam, CLT, lightweight beams and glued bearing wood constructions

RISE tests, certifies and performs 3rd party production inspection on glued laminated timber (gluelam), cross laminated timber (CLT), lightweight wood beams and other glued load-bearing wooden structures.


Glued laminated timber

RISE has extensive experience of working with glulam in different shapes, for example with different types of glue and different cross-sections (homogeneous, combined, splitt beams etc.).

Glulam must today be CE marked according to the standard EN 14080. We also perform tests for the Japanese market according to JAS standards.

Cross laminated timber

CLT is a product whose interest has grown rapidly in recent years. However, the EN standard for this product has not yet been approved for CE marking. RISE can and has, pending this, issued type approvals.

Lightweight wood beams

RISE can try lightweight wood beams in different rigs depending on the property to be determined. For full-scale testing, we have a special rig with stiffening at the top edge that prevents the beams from tilting out along the top edge (se picture above).

Other glued load-bearing wooden structures

RISE can also help with the approval of other glued load-bearing products, such as floor and ceiling cassettes.


For all of the above products we offer:

  • Initial tests such as; bending, finger joint and shear tests and other material tests
  • Full-scale tests
  • Initial inspection and certification as well as continuous surveillance
  • Development projects


Depending on what to be verified, a number of different types of tests and equipment may be relevant. It can be tests of small test specimens to verify shear strength in the adhesive joint, possibly it's desired to climatize the test specimens before, or "age" them through heat and moisture / water treatment, or you want to test strength and load-bearing capacity on a larger scale in our light beam rig or in other equipment.


Depending on what is requested, the customer can receive:

  • Test results
  • Technical report
  • Certification (type approval, CE marking, etc.)


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Glulam, CLT, lightweight beams and glued bearing wood constructions


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