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Forming Limit Curve FLC

Experiment to measure the materials formability/plasticity FLC by deep-drawing of several geometries according to Nakazima test. The strains are measured continuously using the Digital imaging system ARAMIS.


Using a measuring method with high efficiency and quality provides the material's formability. Test how the sheet deforms/strains in different directions before a crack appears.


The stamping tests are conducted using a hydraulic press with a capacity of 1200 tons with a specially manufactured tool för FLC measurements. Measurements are done with seven geometries according to Nakazima geometries to assure a good forming limit curve. The measurements are conducted using ARAMIS which is an optical 3D deformation measuring system that analyzes, calculates, and documents strains. ARAMIS measures displacements of a stochastic pattern on the surface which is sprayed on with an aerosol, the measurement window is 0.01% up to several 100%. ARAMIS measures the deformation using two digital cameras continuously during the forming tests, providing a continuous strain map of the sample until crack. 


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Forming limit curve according to Nakazima test

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Material transition


Test is based on the standard ISO/DIS 12004-2.


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The rolling direction should be clearly marked on the test material.

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