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Fire test of materials for upholstered furniture according to TB 117

TECHNICAL BULLETIN 117-2013. Requirements, Test Procedure and Apparatus for Testing the Smolder Resistance of Materials Used in Upholstered Furniture.


An evaluation method for testing the ignitability of materials used in upholstered furniture such as cover fabrics, barrier materials as well as filling materials. In California, USA, compliance with the method is a legal requirement. Also, where the method is not a legal requirement it is widely used.


The test material is arranged in a test rig together with standard material depending on whether it is outer fabric, barrier material or filling material that is to be tested. The test rig forms a 90-degree angle between the seat and back where a smoldering cigarette is placed and covered with a cotton fabric. The progress of combustion is observed and evidence for progressive smoldering or ignition is recorded. The area of the charring is also measured to evaluated compliance with the requirements.


One report in Swedish or English with the test results.


Please order via the contact persons listed below or e-mail the filled in order form.

Order form_TB 117.pdf



TECHNICAL BULLETIN 117-2013. Requirements and Test Procedure.

Innovation area


Delivery level



TECHNICAL BULLETIN 117-2013, section 1, 2 & 3.


Price on tender

Delivery time

Normal delivery time is 5-10 working days. A more accurate delivery time is stated in the order confirmation which is sent after received order and sample material.


Test material needed for testing:

  • Cover fabric: 6 st specimen (203 x 203) mm, and (203 x 381)* mm, valid for section 1.
  • Barrier material: 6 st specimen (203 x 203), and (203 x 305)* mm, valid for section 2.
  • Stoppning: 6 st specimen  (203 x 127 x 51), and (203 x 203 x 51) mm, valid for section 3.

    *The longer dimention shall be cut in the warp direction.

Ingegerd Hartmann

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Ingegerd Hartmann


+46 10 228 47 86

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Ann Stare

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Ann Stare


+46 10 228 47 85

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