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Fire Safety Cabinets for Retail Environments

<p>SP Method 2369 - Protection System for Storage of Inflammable Goods in Retail Environments - Fire Safety Cabinets</p>


This method evaluates the construction of fire safety cabinets designed for storing flammable goods in retail environments and their ability to protect its contents from internal and external fires. The general function of this cabinet is to control and extinguish a large internal fire, but also that an external fire does not spread to its contents.

Fire safety cabinet’s that fulfill SPCR 102 requirements protects its contents, and their surroundings, up to 30 min in realistic early stage fire scenario’s. In this period, it is crucial that flammable goods do not get involved, or spread the fire, and cause control of the situation to be lost. An example of a fire safety cabinet preventing the total loss of a store is seen in the photograph at the bottom of this page. This cabinet successfully protected the flammable goods, and the retail facility.


SP Method 2369 may be divided into two types of tests, general tests and fire tests. The general tests are designed to evaluate the following requirements (note that the text refers to section numbers in SP Method 2369):

  • General construction (req. 6.1)
  • Wall construction (req. 6.1)
  • Mechanical integrity (req. 6.1 / test 7.2)
  • Hinges (req. 6.1)
  • Door closer (req. 6.1 / test 7.3)
  • Tightness and volume of the spill tray (6.1 / 7.4)
  • Equipment (req. 6.1).

Two fire tests are performed:

  • Internal fire exposure (req. 6.2 / test 7.5)
  • External fire exposure (req. 6.3 / test 7.6)

All tests are performed at RISE in Borås, Sweden.


After testing, a test report is delivered with the results which may be the basis for product approval (P-mark) according to SPCR 102.

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Fotograf: Jan Klauser, Räddningstjänsten Ängelholm

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Testing for Fire Safety Cabinets Designated for Storing Flammable Goods in Retail Environments



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