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Fire resistance testing

RISE offers accredited testing, inspection and certification for a vast variety of fire resistant products at our site in Boras, Sweden.


In the event of a fire, the fire resistance time of the constructions is the most critical component and has a direct influence on the safety. Fire-resistant products should allow the construction to retain their minimum functions during the time required to evacuate.

Fire resistance testing can be performed for a variety of constructions such as walls and glazed structures, tile floors and ceilings, beams, pillars, doors, gates, shutters and gates, ceilings, ducts, cable glands and fire dampers. Testing can be done with either vertical or horizontal load.

To prevent the spread of fire within the built environment and maintain means of escape, building legislation across the world often requires that separating elements, such as partitions, doors and glazed screens, offer known resistance to fire exposure.


RISE has a specialist fire resistance and product development test laboratory.

We offer ISO/IEC 17025 accredited fire tests to a variety of SP, national, Nordtest (NT FIRE), European (EN) and International standards (ISO, IMO). As a Notified Body of the European Commission, RISE can deliver fire testing services necessary for product conformity assessment to harmonized Product Standards and ETAGs (Guidelines for European Technical Approval) under the EU Construction Products Directive/Regulation.

We also provide ad-hoc fire tests for the purposes of product development. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us!


A test report, in Swedish or English, is deliverd with the test results after testing.

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Fire resistance testing

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Fire safety, Construction, Risk and safety


  • EN 12101-2
  • EN 12101-3
  • EN 13501-2
  • EN 13501-3
  • EN 1363-1
  • EN 1364-1
  • EN 1364-2
  • EN 1365-1
  • EN 1365-2
  • EN 1365-3
  • EN 1365-4
  • EN 1366-2
  • EN 1366-3
  • EN 1366-4
  • EN 14135
  • EN 15254
  • EN 15269-1
  • EN 15269-2
  • EN 15269-3
  • EN 15269-5
  • EN 15269-7
  • EN 15269-10
  • EN 15269-11
  • EN 15269-20
  • EN 15659
  • EN 16034
  • EN 1634-1
  • EN 1634-3
  • EN 81-58
  • IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 3
  • ISO 14934-2
  • ISO 14934-3
  • ISO 22007-2
  • NT Fire 017
  • NT FIRE 021
  • SP Fire 105
  • SP Fire 119


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