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Finite element (FE) analyses of various manufacturing processes

Finite element analyses of thermomechanical manufacturing processes to predict the behavior of sheet material components, i.e. thinning, springback, final geometry, temperature, etc. Studies in forming, welding, and joining are performed in various materials, such as high-strength steels, aluminum, titanium, and nickel-base superalloys.


The purpose is to accurately predict the behavior of the material along the different steps of the manufacturing process, as well as its resultant geometry and properties. 


The LS-DYNA simulation software is used to model and simulate different manufacturing processes, i.e. forming, welding or heat treatment. The results include strains, forces, and the final geometry of the component, among others, which are compared with experimental measurements from the process itself and/or material characterization tests.


The results are delivered according to agreement.


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Finite element (FE) analyses of various manufacturing processes

Metrology Area

Speed, Force and torque, Length and geometry, Temperature, Time and frequency, Pressure and vacuum

Innovation area

Digitalisation, Innovation support, Lightweight solutions, Material transition, Production and manufacturing, Testing

Field measures



Price on tender

Delivery time

According to agreement.


A comprehensive description of the process to be studied, such as forces, velocities, deformations, process parameters, and geometries.

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
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