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Fiber composition important for pulp quality

Characterizing pulp often involves an analysis of the fiber composition of a fiber meter to check the quality of the pulp. It is important both in research projects and development projects in process and product.


RISE conducts many projects with several different types of raw materials, which place great demands on the fiber analyzer. We can, after a mild delignification of the material, for example measure on the starting material wood and annuals. Then, of course, we use the meter to analyze pulps according to the different process steps in the mills and also from the corresponding pulp produced in the laboratory.

The most common fiber properties are fiber length, fiber curl, fiber coarseness and fiber width as well as fines and kinks. It is also possible to get distributions for each property as a fingerprint for the pulp.


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Fiber composition important for pulp quality in process and product

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Biorefinery, Packaging, Pulp and paper


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Analysis results are delivered by e-mail, normally within 15 working days of the samples arriving to us. With reservation for samples that require special treatment. Express analyzes can be obtained at a surcharge by agreement.


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FENIX is the name of RISE’s pilot parks consisting of test beds with a focus on the needs of today as well as the opportunities of tomorrow within the pulp, paper and packaging industry.