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Evaluation of gamma radiation on building products

Evaluation of gamma emissions in building materials.


Evaluation in field or in laboratory environment för declaration of the rates of 226-radium (238-uran), 232-thorium and 40-kalium, as a basis for the declaration of I-index. 

In order for building materials to be approved in line with the EU-directives of building materials and Swedish radiation acts and directives on gamma emissions in housings.  


Evaluation in field - gamma spectrometry - methods outlined according to SP-methodology 605. 

Laboratory methode according to document CEN/TS 17216 -  accredited method in-house guide VALO 4.5.


Test report according to method is delivered. 

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Evaluation of activity-index (I-Index)


CEN/TR 17113 as guideline for calculation of I-index and final effective dose in building. 


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