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Evaluation of biodegradability in hydraulic fluid

With hydraulic fluids, power is transferred in many different types of vehicles and work machines, for example in forestry, construction and port operations. The use of hydraulic fluid helps to save energy.
However, hydraulic fluid can inadvertently leak into the environment. Therefore, a Swedish standard (SS 15 54 34) has been drawn up which, among other things, sets environmental requirements for hydraulic oils.


To determine whether a hydraulic fluid meets the environmental requirements based on chemical composition based on analysis with FTIR and GCMS.


The hydraulic fluid is analyzed with FTIR and GCMS and compared against references on the so-called "SP-list" and other references that may be considered relevant.


Delivery according to agreement and continuous dialogue with the customer.


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Evaluation of biodegradability in hydraulic fluid based on chemical composition and analysis with FTIR and GCMS

Innovation area

Chemical and biological analysis


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5-15 arbetsdagar från prov ankommit RISE


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