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Endotoxin testing

RISE offers testing for endotoxin levels in various samples using the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) assay, which offers a sensitive down to 0.005 EU/ml.


Endotoxins are toxic parts of bacteria that can be a serious threat to human at higher concentrations. Detection and determination of endotoxin levels is therefore vital for determination of safety of various products and samples. The assay is performed in a kinetic mode, offering a dynamic range of concentrations from 0.005 to 50 EU/ml.


The assay is performed according the LAL method, in a kinetic mode, using chromogenic substrates for measurement of the absorption in the sample. Up to 12 different samples can be analysed in the same test round.


The results are presented in a report with an overview of the detected levels in each sample.


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Testing for endotoxin levels in samples using Limulus Amebocyte Lysate assay

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Chemical and biological analysis, Medical devices


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Both solid and liquid samples can be prepared and analysed by the assay

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